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They've changed their lives. And now they are changing others'

Join us and them on our mision to onboard the next million to Web 3.0.

What is an

Apollo Academy is THE Web 3.0 education platform. Our mission is to curate, co-create and consolidate the latest alpha and insights with regards to blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Apollo Academy strives to encourage the rate of mass adoption through education, and are looking for partners to work together and make this aspiration, a reality.


We aptly name these partners, our A2 Alphas.

Who's with us on this Mission?

If you were wondering who has joined us on our mission to educate the next million, look no further.

Trust us, you're in good company.

 and more....

Why become an

In pursuit of our mission, Apollo Academy also envisions creating a community and forum for like-minded individuals to discuss, connect and collaborate with each other. We also strive to provide a platform for projects and founders to increase their reach and influence.

As an A2 Alpha Partner, you get the opportunity to be featured to tens of thousands of our students, bringing the spotlight to yourself and your project.






 Start off your journey as an A2 Alpha Partner with a 20minute seminar about a topic of your choice, to give a ton of value!

AMA Sessions

Host an AMA with the Salad Ventures & Apollo Academy team which will allow you to shill your project and share more about what you do!

Panels, Live Events, Interviews & More

 Be the first in line as we have more opportunities to collaborate in the near future.

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